The freshest and most natural oranges. All the flavor of Valencia in a sweet and exquisite fruit. Suitable both as dessett or just for juice. The best oranges online to Valencia’s oranges fans. High quality guaranteed.

We sell different varieties depending on the time of year where we are. The main varieties we sell are navelina, powell navelate and navel.

These varieties are the best ones as it is widely recognized in the industry for its sweetness and firm flesh. Our farming culture is respectful of the environment, ensuring an exquisite and unique taste so you can buy the best online Valencia oranges. Our product is very fresh, direct from the tree to your table. We guarantee satisfaction with our valencian oranges.

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Fresh Valencian Oranges

Natural oranges without any post-harvesting treatment. They are coming directly from the tree to your home. We send our crates...
18,00 €

Mixed Box of Oranges, Tangerines and Lemons 15kg

Box made of 9kgs of fresh valencian Oranges, 4 kgs of valencian tagnerines and 2kgs of fresh lemons. They are...
44,00 €

Mixed Orange & Lemon Box

Our mixed box is made up of the best and tastiest fresh lemons and oranges from Valencia. We collect them...
31,00 €

1 tree of Oranges (60kgs)

We are Valencian orange farmers since the beginning of the 20th century. We are great experts in their care and...
90,00 €

Perlas de Guille (Naranja ultra-ecológica) - Demeter

¡Planta un árbol con nosotros y transforma la agricultura hacia la ultra-ecología! Si apadrinas un árbol, lo plantaremos y cultivaremos...
40,00 €

1 tree Mixed (Oranges, Tangerines and Lemons) (60kgs)

We are orange and tangerine farmers Valencian since the early twentieth century. We are great experts in their care and...
83,00 €

Gift Pack - Oranges

Do you have to celebrate a special event? Do you want to thank someone or return in favor? We have...
50,00 €

Christmas Gift Basket

The best gift to thank the loyalty of a client or to show your appreciation to someone. made of exquisite...
95,00 €