The freshest and most natural oranges. All the flavor of Valencia in a sweet and exquisite fruit. Suitable both as dessett or just for juice. The best oranges online to Valencia’s oranges fans. High quality guaranteed.

We sell different varieties depending on the time of year where we are. The main varieties we sell are navelina, powell navelate and navel.

These varieties are the best ones as it is widely recognized in the industry for its sweetness and firm flesh. Our farming culture is respectful of the environment, ensuring an exquisite and unique taste so you can buy the best online Valencia oranges. Our product is very fresh, direct from the tree to your table. We guarantee satisfaction with our valencian oranges.

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Fresh Valencian Oranges

10kg of our Valencian oranges are the perfect size to try them. Valencian oranges 100% natural and cultivated with the biggest respect to our environment. Directly from the tree to your home in 24h (Iberian Peninsula – Rest of EU 48-96h) without any chemical treatment to increase sweetness, size or ripeness. Our oranges are on their zenith of taste when we send them to you!
18,00 €

Mixed Box of Oranges, Tangerines and Lemons 15kg

57,69 €

1 tree of Oranges (60kgs)

Would you like to participate in our foodfunding project? You can become the godfather of a whole or half an orange tree and get delicious fruit, tangerine jam and a glass of orange blossom honey (with a whole tree). We also regularly inform you aboutcultivation and citrus fruits. With this project you help us to stay independent, to plan the cultivation better and to offer the best oranges.
70,00 €

Mixed Crate, Fresh Valencian Oranges and Tangerines

Our best-selling product! For those who want it all. 3 different combo boxes with fresh Valencian tangerines and fresh Valencian oranges, 100% natural. Directly from the farmer, produced with the utmost care for the environment. Rediscover the fresh fruit flavour! Without chemical treatments for ripening, colouring or preservatives. Perfect ripeness, amount of sugar and vitamins.
29,81 €

1 tree Mixed (Oranges, Tangerines and Lemons) (60kgs)

Participate in our foodfunding: the best crowdfunding of oranges, tangerines, and lemons! Sponsor 1 tree or 1/2 tree during 1 crop cycle and receive your oranges, tangerines and lemons, 1kg of green Valencian kiwi and (if you sponsor 1 whole tree) orange blossom honey at a great price, knowing more about its cultivation and care. Help us improve the cultivation of exquisite valencia citrus.
80,00 €

Mixed Orange & Lemon Box

Mixed box of oranges and exquisite lemons in 3 different combinations. Oranges and freshly picked lemons, with all the flavour of the light of the Mediterranean.
42,00 €

Christmas Gift Basket

The best gift for Christmas! Incredibly tasty and healthy fruit that will surprise everyone who receives it. With our best citrus fruits (sweet orange, exquisite tangerine and tasty lemon) along with a set of handmade products with satisfaction guaranteed. Single shipment on 12/12/2018 (Wednesday).

76,92 €

Gift Pack - Oranges

Taste and healtness are always the perfect gift. Our exclusive Gift Pack is made of 6kg of natural valencian oranges in an exclusive, beautiful basket. The perfect gift for orange lovers.
33,65 €