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Aliño Mandarina

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If you are looking for a fresh and typically Mediterranean flavor , mandarin dressing is a good choice, as it preserves the color and properties of the fruit without losing any of its freshness.

Refreshing and aromatic!

The citrus flavors combine well with pasta, vegetables, hard cheese, meats and white fish. In salad, with ingredients such as beets, onions, nuts, strawberries, asparagus.

This seasoning is made with natural ingredients in an artisanal way . Basically, the fruit is peeled, mixed with the rest of the ingredients and macerated in vinegar. More natural impossible.

It's a spectacular tangerine dressing! You can not miss it. Of all the range, I do not know which I like more but this one occupies a preferential place.

And what happens if I do not like it?

We try the products ourselves first and we have a very clear philosophy that if we do not like it, we do not sell it. Because of this, we offer the guarantee that if you do not like it, you do not pay for it. It is a very expensive guarantee for us, with a lot of risk so we have to be very sure of our quality.

The only thing is that you have to tell us quickly, ideally within 24 hours after delivery by the carrier, not when a long time has passed.

¿Con esta garantía, de verdad no te vas a atrever a probarlas?

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