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1 tree of Oranges (60kgs)

We are Valencian orange farmers since the beginning of the 20th century. We are great experts in their care and...
40,00 €

1 tree Mixed (Oranges, Tangerines and Lemons) (60kgs)

We are orange and tangerine farmers Valencian since the early twentieth century. We are great experts in their care and...
40,00 €

Perlas de Guille (Naranja ultra-ecológica) - Demeter

¡Planta un árbol con nosotros y transforma la agricultura hacia la ultra-ecología! Si apadrinas un árbol, lo plantaremos y cultivaremos...
40,00 €

Fresh Valencian Tangerine

Natural tangerines without post-harvesting treatment. Directly from the tree to your table. You've never tried something alike. Since the tangerines...
20,00 €

Christmas Gift Basket

The best gift to thank the loyalty of a client or to show your appreciation to someone. made of exquisite...
95,00 €

Kiwi Sabroso Valenciano (1kg)

¿Te gusta el kiwi? a nosotros también. Muy rico y también tiene mucha vitamina C. Es el complemento perfecto para...
4,00 €

Fresh Valencian Oranges

Natural oranges without any post-harvesting treatment. They are coming directly from the tree to your home. We send our crates...
18,00 €

Juicy, tasty lemons

Try our amazing natural lemons, straight from the tree and without any chemical treatment after being picked. The true flavor...
2,00 €

Orange Blossom Artisian Honey 500grs

The orange blossom honey is particularly rich in protective and nutritional properties. It has a floral aroma and mild sweet...
10,00 €

Aceite de Oliva Rico Rico - AOVE DOP Segura

¿A quién no le gusta el Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra? A mí me encanta. Desayuno, comida o cena: siempre...
4,00 €

Tangerine dressing

If you are looking for a fresh and typical Mediterranean flavor, tangerine salda dressing is a good choice because it...
8,18 €

Orange Mermelade

Exquisita mermelada de naranja artesanal. Mermelada de naranja dulce, con una textura exquisita. Está hecha con su piel, triturada pero...
6,00 €
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