Fresh Lemons online from Valencia. The best natural lemons direct from the tree. Juicy and tasty. Ideal to prepare all kinds of dishes in the kitchen, giving them an exquisite natural citrus flavor. Selected at their best moment of maturity and collected one by one, only the best pieces!

If you are looking for a juicy lemon, at its right point of acidity, we have the best lemons for you.

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Mixed Box of Oranges, Tangerines and Lemons 15kg

57,69 €

Juicy, tasty lemons

Buy lemons online from Valencia. Cultivated respecting the environment and in the most natural way possible. Lemons directly from the tree to your table in just 24 hours (4/5 working days rest of UE). No chemical treatment after picking, artificial colouring or preservation. Collected by hand at its optimum maturity. Exquisite and natural flavor. Rediscover the taste of fresh fruit.
1,92 €

1 tree Mixed (Oranges, Tangerines and Lemons) (60kgs)

Participate in our foodfunding: the best crowdfunding of oranges, tangerines, and lemons! Sponsor 1 tree or 1/2 tree during 1 crop cycle and receive your oranges, tangerines and lemons, 1kg of green Valencian kiwi and (if you sponsor 1 whole tree) orange blossom honey at a great price, knowing more about its cultivation and care. Help us improve the cultivation of exquisite valencia citrus.
80,00 €

Mixed Orange & Lemon Box

Mixed box of oranges and exquisite lemons in 3 different combinations. Oranges and freshly picked lemons, with all the flavour of the light of the Mediterranean.
42,00 €

Christmas Gift Basket

The best gift for Christmas! Incredibly tasty and healthy fruit that will surprise everyone who receives it. With our best citrus fruits (sweet orange, exquisite tangerine and tasty lemon) along with a set of handmade products with satisfaction guaranteed. Single shipment on 12/12/2018 (Wednesday).

76,92 €