Fresh Lemons online from Valencia. The best natural lemons direct from the tree. Juicy and tasty. Ideal to prepare all kinds of dishes in the kitchen, giving them an exquisite natural citrus flavor. Selected at their best moment of maturity and collected one by one, only the best pieces!

If you are looking for a juicy lemon, at its right point of acidity, we have the best lemons for you.

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Mixed Box of Oranges, Tangerines and Lemons 15kg

Box made of 9kgs of fresh valencian Oranges, 4 kgs of valencian tagnerines and 2kgs of fresh lemons. They are...
44,00 €

Juicy, tasty lemons

Try our amazing natural lemons, straight from the tree and without any chemical treatment after being picked. The true flavor...
2,00 €

Mixed Orange & Lemon Box

Our mixed box is made up of the best and tastiest fresh lemons and oranges from Valencia. We collect them...
31,00 €

1 tree Mixed (Oranges, Tangerines and Lemons) (60kgs)

We are orange and tangerine farmers Valencian since the early twentieth century. We are great experts in their care and...
83,00 €

Christmas Gift Basket

The best gift to thank the loyalty of a client or to show your appreciation to someone. made of exquisite...
95,00 €