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La naranja: fuente de fibra soluble

Oranges: source of soluble fiber

The oranges not only stand out for their vitamin C content... we have already seen this in different articles on the benefits of oranges. benefits of this delicious fruit. Today we recommend eating an orange a day for its soluble fiber content.

The soluble fiber (pectin) of the orange is found especially in the white layer under the skin and in the cell wall that separates the segments. It is a bit bitter and most of the time it is discarded - but that is a big mistake. Fiber promotes intestinal transit and works as a repairer and protector of the intestinal mucosa, absorbs fat and bad cholesterol (LDL), reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, has a satiating effect and also helps control blood sugar levels. It should not be forgotten that fiber also helps to lose a few extra kilos. The effects of pectin in cancer treatments are also being investigated.

100 grams of orange provide an approximate amount of 2 grams of soluble fiber. But it must be taken into account that the juice contains hardly any fiber, since it is found in the white layer and also, in smaller quantities, in the pulp. According to an article published in the Indian Journal of Natural Products and Resources in 2011, 30% of citrus peel is composed of pectin. Other fruits also contain pectin, apple peel contains for example 15% of this fiber. This same pectin is used to make jams and other foods because it is gelatinous.

Without any doubt, an orange a day cheers you up and improves your health!


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