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Buy Valencian oranges direct from the grower
Buy Valencian oranges

How long has it been since you've enjoyed a good juice?

Enjoy your breakfasts, your desserts or, like me, enjoy natural fruit at any time. Oranges at their best moment of ripeness. Fruit that tastes like fruit. You deserve it.
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We bring the freshest flavors from the countryside to your table.

Have you ever wanted to taste citrus fruits so fresh they make you feel as if you were in the middle of a sun-drenched Valencian orchard? You're in the right place!

We are a family of Valencian farmers who have been working our land for several generations. With love and dedication, we grow the most delicious citrus fruits you have ever tasted.

Following the agricultural traditions passed down from generation to generation, we harvest the fruits at the perfect moment of ripeness to guarantee their exceptional flavor and quality. And then we send them to your home. That is, when you want us to send you something, we go to
to the field, pick the fruits that are at the perfect point and send them directly to your home. This is how we make you feel in the middle of our orchard.

But our passion for natural and high quality products is not limited to our own orchards. We 've also partnered with small, local growers in our area to bring you a wide variety of fresh, delicious produce. fresh and delicious products.. From juicy kiwis to gourmet products such as honey or olive oil.

The world of Valencian agriculture has a quality that we are passionate about and that we want to transmit through our website: the collaboration between small producers to work as one. The Huerta de Valencia is characterized by being composed of small family farms (smallholdings). This means that each farmer specializes in a product and cares for his field with special affection.

For this reason, we are able to offer a wide variety of products of superior quality as a small family farm. We join other family farmers in our area, whom we know personally and with whom we share a passion for nature, crops and family history.

We grow Valencian oranges, mandarins and lemons. Others prepare marmalade with our oranges straight from the fields. Others make dressings that will give a Mediterranean flavor to your diet.

Sincerely, we are proud to share with you all these Valencian treasures directly from La Huerta to your home and to make known the products of Our Land.

In addition to providing you with quality local fruits and produce, we strive to provide you with an easy online shopping experience. Just browse our store, select the products you like and we'll ship them directly to your door.

Why buy from Valencian Farmers and enjoy the most authentic flavors?

Let us tell you a few reasons that will convince you to buy our local products.

  • Unparalleled quality: Our citrus and local produce is grown with love and dedication in Valencian orchards, where the sun and Mediterranean climate come together to create optimal growing conditions. Each fruit is hand-selected at the perfect moment of ripeness, ensuring that it arrives on your table with a fresh and authentic flavor.
  • Supporting the local economy: By buying from Valencian farmers and small producers in our area, you are contributing directly to the local economy. You are helping to keep agricultural traditions alive and preserve the cultural heritage of the region, promoting sustainable development and generating employment for local communities.
  • Fresh and seasonal products: Our offer is based on fresh and seasonal products, which means that you can enjoy unique flavors every season of the year. We guarantee that our products will make you experience the true essence of the season.
  • Buying direct from the producer: By purchasing our citrus and local produce, you avoid middlemen and buy directly from the farmer. This ensures that you get fresher products, with less transportation and handling time. In addition, by establishing a direct relationship, you can learn the story behind each product and get advice and recipe ideas directly from the experts.
  • Commitment to sustainability: We care about the environment and adopt sustainable farming practices. We use nature-friendly techniques, minimizing the use of chemicals and promoting biodiversity in our gardens. By choosing our products, you contribute to a greener and healthier future.
  • Community and proximity: When you buy our products, you join a community passionate about authentic flavors and local agriculture. We value the trust you place in us and strive to provide you with personalized and close service. We are here to answer your questions, advise you and make sure your shopping experience is exceptional.

Explore our online store and enjoy the best citrus and local products that our region has to offer.

So don't wait any longer and join our community of authentic flavor lovers. Discover the freshness, quality and diversity offered by our Valencian orchards and small local producers, your palate will thank you!

Best of all, sponsor an orange tree (or a mandarin tree, or a mixed tree) and become part of our family.

One of the options you will find on our website that we are especially proud of is our foodfunding campaign. Tree sponsorship is much more than a simple financial transaction. We see it as making a solid friendship based on mutual trust. It is a shared experience, where the fruit represents a bond that unites us as partners in promoting sustainable agriculture.

With each purchase, you join a network of people committed to environmental conservation. In addition, you support local farmers and encourage responsible agricultural practices.

Foodfunding is a great opportunity for all those who want to learn more about the growing process and have a direct link to the land. By sponsoring a tree, you will have the opportunity to closely follow its development. You will also be able to learn about the agricultural practices used and collaborate with its healthy growth. It's a great experience that allows you to be an active part of the food chain and have a positive impact on the environment.

Don't miss the opportunity to be a tree sponsor and enjoy a unique connection with nature and the food you eat.

Join our foodfunding campaign today and be part of a community passionate about sustainable agriculture, freshness and the incomparable taste of Valencian oranges.