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Discover "Guille's Pearls": Buy Demeter Oranges for a Sustainable Experience

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Sponsor the planting of a tree of ultra-ecological Valencian oranges, certified by Demeter (biodynamic, regenerative agriculture) and be part of the people who change the world.

This is the most beautiful project you are going to see today, tomorrow and all this year. Changing the world is our project. To improve it little by little, as much as we can, with all our actions and, at the same time, to grow what we believe will be the best Valencian oranges. No doubt about it.

You will be part of our family, of this land and you will improve the planet. In addition, you will be able to buy what we believe will be the best ultra-ecological oranges in the world.

What is Demeter: Commitment to Sustainability?

We base our work on the principles of Demeter Certification: caring for biodiversity and the soil. We grow quality oranges under natural, chemical-free methods to preserve the land. We focus on nature's cycles and optimize soil health and biodiversity. A healthier soil, a balance in biodiversity.

Sponsor and Live the Experience: Buy Oranges with Sense

By sponsoring an orange tree of "Perlas de Guille", you immerse yourself in its growth and production. We will send you the certificate of the tree you have sponsored.. You will receive news about the evolution of the crop and the orchard.

You will be part of the club "Perlas de Guille", our VIP area, which will entitle you to:

  1. Buy Demeter oranges on our website (if you do not sponsor a tree, you will not be able to buy them).
  2. To a discount in all our web and
  3. Until the trees are mature (between year 5 and year 7. We are in 2024 in year 2), to a free tangerine marmalade every year (shipping costs not included).

Do I have the right to receive oranges from you?

Here you sponsor the planting of a tree and the exclusive right to buy Demeter oranges. Only those who sponsor the plantation will be able to buy them.

This tree planting sponsorship guarantees that you belong to our VIP club. You will have the best price and exclusive gifts. Only if you have sponsored a tree you will be able to buy Demeter oranges to enjoy the most natural flavor every year.

If, in addition, you sponsor a crop of oranges, as it takes several years to have the full production, at the beginning you will receive a mix of Demeter oranges and our classic oranges. As soon as the tree matures sufficiently, you will only receive Demeter oranges in your sponsorship each year.

How much do annual sponsorships cost?

There are 3 types of harvest sponsorships..:

  1. oranges.
  2. mixed oranges, mandarin oranges and lemon
  3. mixed orange and tangerine.

The cost and details can be seen in this link of sponsorships.

Please note that, as we have said, only if you have sponsored Perlas de Guille you will be able to receive Demeter oranges in your sponsorships.

Where is the orchard?

Located in the Turia River Natural Park, in Ribarroja (Valencia), our orchard follows the Demeter principles. We transform a family space into an ecological project committed to sustainable agriculture.

You can find us at these coordinates: 39°32'53.8 "N 0°32'32.5 "W (39.548263, -0.542373).

This area has suffered significant degradation by human action. This project is unique in the Park and we believe we will be an example for many other farmers.

Your sponsorship will ignite a spark of transformation in the world.

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