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Who we are

Exquisite fruit and vegetables, unique oranges and, with your support, you help us to regenerate the land.


Thank you very much for your time!

We are Isabel and Guillermo. We are farmers as the family has been for the last 100 years. We mainly grow oranges and other citrus from Valencia (although we grow other products).

We both have university and agricultural training, have been married for 20 years and have three children. Our business is based on bringing the whole family together and adding other families so that we can supply oranges and citrus all season long.

We believe in joining together to be able to improve both the product we sell and the orchards where we grow. Year after year we are managing to improve the quality of life of several families, giving a stable and profitable future to all of us who work at Citrus Ricus.

Because of this, we are now not only our family and other relatives who help us but we have been able to start working with other local farmers to improve their business, ensuring a better future for their families.


When someone buys fruit or vegetables at the supermarket or traditional grocery store, they have usually spent many days since they were picked (sometimes several months) in cold storage and so have lost all their flavor.

We want to fix this problem and that everyone canenjoy the natural taste of fresh fruit directly from the producer.

"We want to offer the best product, extraordinarily fresh, with all its flavor based on sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture."


We do many things every day to be able to sell the best products:

  1. Sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture: Our agriculture is proper of the XXI Century to have the products of great quality and very natural.
  2. Guaranteed quality: we are responsible for all our products and the sales process. If you don't like it, you don't pay.
  3. We trust our customers and our product. If we didn't trust them, we couldn't offer this guarantee.
  4. We pay good wages and put people first.

We are a small company, focused on being able to sell good products and with limited resources. We offer fresh mandarins, lemons and oranges directly from the grower.


Although we try, we are not Amazon and we cannot offer the same web technology and delivery speed as Amazon. We don't have those resources so you have to identify yourself at every purchase, fill in your credit card every time and sometimes we are slow to respond and answer questions.

We are not perfect: We get it wrong sometimes. Mind you, if we do get it wrong: we respond generously and apologize every time!

"We do not believe in the industrialization of food, we do not believe in the exploitation of labor or in taking advantage of people and their work."


We are optimistic. We see a future full of opportunities and in which, with your help, we are able to ensure that every day, more families enjoy fruit full of flavor, that they have that daily luxury that we have and that we want to share.

We will have two ways to buy fruit and vegetables: in the supermarket with industrialized fruit and vegetables or in CitrusRicus, our store, which guarantees a high quality product and service at a good price.

Thanks to us and other companies, we are getting that the quality of fruit and vegetables in the supermarket and traditional store is improved and are concerned about selling better products. This is our obsession, to be better in quality and price.

If you share our ideas, you can follow us on the blog watching news and recipes or you can visit our store.

Finally, allow us to recommend you our section of Sponsor a Tree, it is the most effective and economical way to have a good amount of product at an unbeatable price and you help us to plan our production.

"With this project you will receive oranges, tangerines, lemons and other fresh fruit and vegetables directly from the producer to your home."

Again, thank you very much for your time which is the most valuable thing there is.

Best regards,

Isabel and Guillermo