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1 tree of Oranges (60kgs)

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We are Valencian orange farmers since the beginning of the 20th century. We are great experts in their care and development and we are one of the few families of Valencian farmers who have been engaged in citrus growing for so many years, ther must be a reason for that!

We grow exquisite oranges, with a lot of juice, taste and sweetness. We are proud of our product and service to our customers.

Now you can join the crowdfunding of our trees, oranges, tangerines and lemons. It is the "foodfunding" of 1 crop cycle that lasts approximately 1 year. Sponsor an orange tree!

How does it work?

Briefly: you buy in advance the oranges that you will later enjoy, with guaranteed quality and you will receive in the process information about their cultivation and evolution. In addition, you will also receive our handmade tangerine jam or our orange blossom honey.

In detail: Now you pay the price that relates to 30kgs or 60kgs of oranges (with a very good discount on the original price), 1 jar of homemade mandarin jam 220grs. and (if you sponsor 1 whole tree) 1 jar of orange blossom honey 450grs.

During the next months you will receive information about who we are, about the state of the crop and other interesting topics about citriculture (do not worry, we are not spammers) and from the date of maturation (beginning of December) you will receive every 15 days approximately 1 box of 15kgs of oranges until completing the quantity purchased. In the second shipment you will receive the jam and in the third one (if you have bought the whole tree) the honey.

Throughout this process of sponsoring orange trees, tangerines or lemons, you will learn more about who we are, how we grow our fruits and many interesting things about the life of the 21st century farmer and citrus.

What delivery dates are estimated?

We estimate the following starting dates for the dispatch of the boxes. As we are a very small company, it takes 2 or 3 days to complete all the orders because we also have to attend other activities of the company. Assume 4 working days for delivery. The Christmas shipment is the most complicated by the volume of work of those dates (in the courier).

.- 1st shipment: 3/12/2018

.- 2nd Shipment (with marmalade, last for half a tree): 17/12/2018

.- 3rd shipment (with honey): 8/1/2019

.- 4th shipment (last): 21/1/2019

What is the offer in detail?

.- 1 tree: 60kgs of oranges delivered in boxes of 15kg from its moment of maturation. 1 tangerine jam and 1 jar of orange blossom honey. 10% discount on all our products throughout the year.

.- 1/2 tree: 30kgs of oranges delivered in boxes of 15kgs from the moment of maturation, spaced approximately 2 weeks each. 1 jar of mandarin marmalade. 10% discount on all our products throughout the year.

The price represents approximately 25% - 30% discount on the regular seasonal price plus our guaranteed quality at all times.

What advantages do you have for the buyer?

.- Shopping at a better price.

.- Discount of 10% on all purchases made on the web throughout the year.

.- Quality and satisfaction guaranteed.

.- Help to improve our quality and production planning. You help us focus on the quality of the product.

.- Foster cultivation and sustainable agriculture, respectful of the environment.

What do I have to do?

Choose from the drop-down menu if you want a complete tree (60kgs) or half a tree (30kgs) and process the order, enter the delivery address and you will receive an order confirmation email. From that moment, in a short space of time, you will begin to receive our communications periodically and you will be aware of the ripening of the fruits, knowing in advance the delivery date of your oranges.

And what happens if I do not like anything?

We test the products ourselves first and we have a very clear philosophy that if we do not like it, we do not sell it. Because of this, we offer the guarantee that if you do not like it, you do not pay for it. It is a very expensive guarantee for us, with a lot of risk so we have to be very sure of our quality.

The only thing is that you have to tell us quickly, ideally within 24 hours after delivery by the carrier, not when a lot of time has passed.

With this guarantee, you really will not dare to try them?

Where are all the legal issues and the General Contract Conditions, etc?