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The Orchard

  • Día Europeo de la Red Natura 2000
    May 26, 2024

    Día Europeo de la Red Natura 2000

    Celebrar el Día Europeo de la Red Natura 2000 es una oportunidad para aprender, disfrutar y contribuir a la conservación de nuestro patrimonio natural.

    Cada pequeña acción cuenta y juntos podemos hacer una gran diferencia para proteger nuestra biodiversidad.
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  • Las Abejas: Guardianas de la Biodiversidad y la Naturaleza
    May 19, 2024

    Las Abejas: Guardianas de la Biodiversidad y la Naturaleza

    Todas las personas dependemos de los polinizadores, pero no siempre somos conscientes de la importancia que tienen en nuestra vida.

    Las abejas son fundamentales para la biodiversidad y la naturaleza. Protegerlas es una tarea de todos, y con pequeñas acciones podemos marcar una gran diferencia.

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  • Los cítricos ayudan a controlar la diabetes tipo 2
    May 6, 2024

    Citrus fruits help control type 2 diabetes

    Citrus fruits are used in both Traditional Chinese Medicineand in Ayurvedic and other traditional Asian medicines for thousands of years to regulate blood sugar. Several scientific studies confirm these properties and the benefits they have for patients with type 2...

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  • Horario de verano: por qué se hace y qué efectos tiene en la gente.
    March 31, 2024

    Daylight saving time: why it is done and what effects it has on people.

    With spring comes longer days and a time change to take better advantage of the hours of sunshine. Daylight saving time is one of those things we all know about, but we don't always understand why it's really done or what effects it has on us. We've been doing some reading and here we bring you a summary of what we've found out.

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  • Fallas: tradicion y nuevos comienzos.
    March 17, 2024

    Fallas: tradition and new beginnings.

    Las Fallas are considered a World Heritage Site, but, above all, they are a festival that perfectly reflects the Valencian character. They are a unique experience that you cannot miss. It is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. And a lot of gunpowder and purifying fire!

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  • Sanguina Moro de Catania
    September 23, 2023

    Sanguina Moro of Catania

    The Moro de Catania blood orange is a gastronomic jewel, an Italian treasure also cultivated in the Valencian lands. This versatile blood orange has proven to be much more than a simple fruit, as its culinary applications are endless and its nutritional value is undeniable.

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