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Limpieza facial con naranjas: recetas para una piel jóven y radiante

Facial cleansing with oranges: recipes for youthful and radiant skin

These simple remedies, which take just a few minutes to prepare, clean and care for the skin in a natural way, and they also smell like orange. You can use the peels of this delicious fruit to prepare them. As you know, they contain many healthy substances and it would be a shame to just throw them away.

Orange scented facial cleansing powder


  • Orange powder*
  • 3 tablespoons of fine oat flakes
  • 1 tablespoon of green clay (optional)

*Don't forget to use oranges without chemical post-treatment. Ours are of the best quality best quality, freshly picked and fresh. As they do not receive any post-harvest chemical treatment, you can use the peels without any problem for different recipes or applications.


Mix all the ingredients in a glass tumbler with a lid. For a deep cleansing of the complexion, simply mix a little of this powder with water. Gently massage your face with the mixture and then remove it with plenty of water.

Simple toner with orange peels



Boil the peels of two oranges or 2 tablespoons of orange powder for half an hour in half a liter of water. Then let it infuse for a while, filter and store this tonic in a glass jar. Keep it in the refrigerator. As you will see, the preparation of this firming tonic is very simple.

Orange vinegar for smooth skin.


  • Peels of orange*
  • Apple cider vinegar (preferably organic)


Cut the fresh peels of 2 or 3 oranges into strips and cover them in a glass jar with apple cider vinegar. Store the jar for three weeks in a sunny place or next to the radiator. Then filter the vinegar. You can store the orange vinegar for up to a year in a cool place. To use it as a facial tonic, simply mix it with a little water.

You can also use this vinegar in the kitchen: for salads, sauces or other dishes. When preparing it, be careful to remove the white layer under the peel so that it is not bitter.

Another possibility is to use vinegar as a universal cleaning product. We recommend you to read this article.


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