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¿Todas las naranjas son naranjas?

Are all oranges oranges?

The characteristic color of this delicious fruit is orange. orangeBut are all oranges really orange in color?

In many tropical countries, such as Brazil - the world's largest producer of oranges - the natural color of oranges is green or yellow. But in supermarkets the peel of all oranges is orange because a chemical treatment is applied to make them sell better. This is not only true for oranges, but also for mandarins and lemons, grown in certain countries, are treated to obtain this characteristic color. In Europe and also in the United States, a green orange is associated with an unripe fruit and, therefore, they are not sold. But actually the color of the peel has nothing to do with the state of maturity.

When oranges are grown in regions with a mild climate, as in Spain, for example, they are naturally orange in color. orange color naturally although, in many cases, at the beginning of the season, this process is accelerated chemically as oranges need cooler nights to become orange.

Green fruits are treated in cold storage with ethylene, especially at the beginning of the season when the nights are still too warm to obtain the desired color. But what is the consequence of applying chemicals to make oranges orange? The quality is not the same, the oranges lose flavor and acidity, they are sweet but without aroma, and they spoil earlier. Another problem is that post-harvest fungi are more likely to form and, therefore, fungicides and waxes are used. It should also be taken into account that it is an unnecessary energy expense.

Our oranges and mandarins are completely natural, our season begins when they acquire maturity and also the orange color in a natural way, that is to say when the temperature drops at night. They do not undergo any chemical treatment for ripening, coloring or preservation. They are harvested at their optimum point of ripeness, sugar and vitamins.

Our oranges keep their flavor and all their nutritional properties, and you can also use the peels for many recipes and cosmetics .peel them and you will notice the difference! Simply divine and very healthy, you won't want any other.

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