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¿Por qué tomamos zumo de naranja con el desayuno?

Why do we drink orange juice with breakfast?

It is very common to drink an orange juice orange juice with breakfast, especially on weekends when there is no rush and we can start the day more relaxed. But where does this habit come from, why do we drink orange juice with breakfast?

The American biochemist Elmer McCollum, respected scientist for his work on vitamin deficiencies, triggered around 1920 a general concern about a disease called acidosis, an excess of acids in the blood. He wanted to remedy this disease with salads and citrus fruits. citrus fruits.

Since there was an overproduction of oranges in California and, moreover, not too many were being sold, the citrus growers of the National Food Growing Exchange cooperative (more than 5,000) took advantage of the situation to promote the consumption of oranges. Under the name Sunkist, they launched a campaign to make orange juice fashionable. At the same time, they taught people how to make juice and gave out juicers.

Sunkist Orange Juice

In 1934 some scientists found that acidosis was a rare disease and could not be cured with citrus fruits. From then on, growers began to focus on the benefits of the vitamin C contained in oranges.

In the Second World War, American soldiers carried cans with orange concentrate to cover the needs of vitamin C, an innovation that, at the same time, helped to provide an outlet for the excessive production of oranges. After World War II, orange juice was promoted as a source of health.

Now you know more about the origin of the orange juice habit. What are you waiting for? There is nothing better than a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice Try ours, you will be delighted!

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