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¿Por qué la naranja es tan saludable?

Why is orange so healthy?

Below you will find 10 reasons to consume our delicious oranges oranges on a daily basis:

  1. RICH IN VITAMIN C. Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is of great importance for the normal growth and development of our body. normal growth and development of our organism.. The following are just a few of the benefits of this vitamin: it promotes skin healing, prevents premature aging, improves the immune system, facilitates the absorption of other vitamins, helps in the elimination of pollutants, etc.
  2. SOURCE OF SOLUBLE FIBER. Fiber is very important for the digestive function. It also helps to reduce cholesterol levels since it absorbs small amounts of cholesterol from ingested food.
  3. RICH IN POTASSIUM. This mineral helps in the elimination of organic wastes and liquids, in the maintenance of the acid-alkaline balance, stimulates bowel movements, helps to combat fatigue, etc., etc.etc.
  4. SOURCE OF CALCIUM. This mineral, as we all know, is very important for the formation of bones and teeth. formation of bones and teeth..
  5. RICH IN MAGNESIUM. This mineral is of vital importance for the musculature and the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates. In cases of magnesium deficiency, numerous ailments can occur, such as tremors, cramps, dizziness, restlessness, tachycardia, etc.
  6. RICH IN BIOFLAVONOIDS. Also known as vitamin P, they are healing, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, help to absorb vitamin C, are antioxidants, help to regulate blood pressure, etc., etc., etc.etc.
  7. RICH IN BETA-CAROTINE. This substance plays an important role in cellular and sun protectionprotects the skin from the inside and strengthens the cells in the retina of the eye.
  8. RICH IN LIMONENE. Several scientific studies have demonstrated that this substance is anticarcinogenic and helps in the fight against mouth, skin, lung and colon cancer, among others.
  9. ACID-BASE BALANCE: Even though oranges contain acids, they are alkalizing foods that help to maintain the acid-base balance. Some symptoms in case of acidification can be: stomach acidity, physical exhaustion, tendency to feel cold, halitosis, brittle nails, ease towards infections, joint discomfort, gout, etc.
  10. DIURETIC. Oranges are diuretic and help to eliminate liquids from the organism. For this reason they are recommended in diets of slimming and to treat diets and to treat fluid retention.

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