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Mikamuki - o el arte japonés de pelar mandarinas

Mikamuki - or the Japanese art of peeling tangerines

From we want to introduce you today to this curious and entertaining hobby, especially for the little ones in the house.

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We all know the Origami technique, the Japanese art that consists of folding paper without using scissors or glue. But have you ever heard of Mikamuki, or the art of tangerine peeling?

Instead of using paper as in Origami, the peels of tangerines are used. tangerine or orange peels are used.. The Japanese word "Mikan" means tangerine. The inventor of this technique, Yasuhiro Okada, shows us how to peel a tangerine with a lot of grace. In this way, eating a healthy tangerine or orangeThe peel is much more fun because its skin gives birth to curious figures and animals and becomes a very creative game. You can also use the peels of other citrus fruits or even avocado or melon.

But it is not so simple, the trick is to peel the tangerine using the whole peel, so that nothing is missing or extra. As in Origami, you have to respect this restriction, typical for Japanese art, which often tries to seek beauty within certain limitations. This is the only rule to keep in mind: when cutting the desired figure, the whole skin must be used. If it is necessary to cut a small piece, it must be used elsewhere to respect the harmony and beauty.


To cut the figures we only need a tangerine and a small knife or cutter.


Here are some videos where you can see how to make funny animals out of tangerine and orange peel.

How can I make a horse with the peel of a tangerine?

How can I make an eagle?

How can I make a white heron?

If you would like to know more about this technique, you can also visit the website of the creator.

As we have already seen in other articles, the skin of this delicious fruit is too valuable to throw away. Not only can you use it to make figurines, among other things you can make essential oil o orange powder.

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Photos by and okadas.

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