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¿Más jóven con el aroma de los cítricos?

Younger with the scent of citrus?

Citrus fruits are not only delicious, they also stand out for their numerous beneficial properties for health as well as beauty. But have you ever heard that their scent makes you look younger?

It's surprising, but according to a study by the Smell and Taste Institute in Chicago, women who wrap themselves in a citrus scent, specifically grapefruit, can take off six years at a stroke. It turns out that men who participated in the study, estimated the age of grapefruit-scented women on average to be 6.7 years younger. For men grapefruit scent, however, does not seem to have any advantage. At the moment there is no study that can demonstrate the same effect of any fragrance on men.

Smells and scents are more important than we think: women with vanilla perfume in this study seemed for example more voluminous and calmer than the others.

In the same study they also examined broccoli, banana and spearmint fragrances but the men did not notice any difference in terms of age, nor with the lavender scent which is used a lot in women's perfumes.

So it's very easy: use grapefruit fragrances! Your image will be more youthful and attractive.


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