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Los domingos desayuno con naranjas y... JOAQUÍN ANTONIO PEÑALOSA

On Sundays I have breakfast with oranges and... JOAQUIN ANTONIO PEÑALOSA


Hire the spring
to design the orange blossoms,
so imaginative is the dressmaker in bridal veils,
only she works a few days a year.

The fingers of rain
sprinkle two teaspoons of sugar,
the air fluffs the segments of the dome,
the sun is disregarded by the whole universe
to dye your skin with its brushes
specialized in reds,
add the varnish of autumn to seal the pores,
what an envy of pop-art and still lifes.

Don't touch this orange yet,
get down on your knees first and worship like angels,
it was made for you exclusively,
for no one else,
like a small immense love
that falls ripe,
that gives itself roundly.

Joaquin Antonio Peñalosa (1922-1999)

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