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Sal con aroma de naranja y jengibre

Orange and ginger flavored salt

Flavored salt is delicious for different dishes and is quick and easy to prepare. We - as you can imagine - love orange flavored salt, so here are some recipes that are ideal for salads, fish or different sauces. In a nice jar, aromatic salt can also be a nice little gift, especially for lovers of good food.

Orange and ginger scented salt


  • 2 tablespoons of orange powder (crushed dried orange peel)
  • 150 g Fleur de Sel or sea salt (coarse or fine, as desired)
  • 1 slice of fresh or dried ginger


The orange powder is simply made with dried and crushed orange peels, you can see here how to make it. If you use fresh ginger, you have to peel it first, cut it into slices, dry it and crush it. Another quicker option is to buy dried ginger. Then simply mix all the ingredients together. As a gift it looks very nice if you layer the different ingredients in a glass jar.

The possibilities of combining different herbs or plants are endless. Here are some suggestions for orange scented salts:

  • Orange, rose and rosemary
  • Orange, rosemary and dried tomato
  • Orange, mustard and rosemary
  • Orange and thyme

Dare to make your own combinations!

In the same way as aromatic salt, you can make orange-scented pepper or sugar. Orange sugar, for example, gives a special flavor to teas, infusions, cakes, etc.

If you keep the salt or scented sugar in an airtight glass jar, it keeps very well, although it may lose some of its aroma over time.

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