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Polvo de naranja

Orange powder

After seeing the numerous benefits of orange peeltoday we would like to present you a recipe from Maite's blog In your kitchen and in mine. Be sure to visit this blog with recipes prepared by Maite with love and delicacy.

In we like orange powder as a base for many orange-flavored dishes, for example:

  • for flavoring sweets and pastries (it gives a delicious flavor to cakes, muffins, king cake, ice cream, puddings...).
  • to decorate desserts
  • to prepare orange tea
  • for salads, fish and rice dishes

This rich product made from orange peels can be used not only in the kitchen, but also as a natural scent for your home or to make a natural orange peeling.

The important thing is that the orange peels are not subjected to any kind of chemical post-treatment like the extraordinary oranges from

How is the orange powder made?

  1. First of all, you have to peel the oranges, taking care not to leave white on the skin (or as little as possible). You can use a potato peeler.
  2. Then we put those skins to dry. There are two ways to do it: in the oven (taking advantage of the residual heat) or on the radiator. It is necessary to leave them until they are so dry that they break, that they crack when breaking them.
  3. Then the peels must be crushed until the orange powder is obtained. It can be done with Thermomix or with a coffee grinder.
  4. Now it is ready. Now the orange powder can be stored. Maite uses a trick: "I open a piece of gauze and put a handful of rice in the center. I take the opposite corners of the gauze and tie them tightly. The little package has to be very tight. And this little package, I put it inside the pot with the orange powder. The rice absorbs the humidity that can accumulate and holds perfectly for a lot of months".

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Many thanks to Maite's blog In your kitchen and in mine for collaborating with us.
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