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Mandarinas - fruta de la buena suerte

Tangerines - the good luck fruit

In different cultures, especially in Asia, the tangerine is a symbol of luck, wealth and abundance.

Especially in Chinese culture mandarins and oranges play an important role in the most important festival of the year: the Lunar New Year or Spring Festival. The celebrations begin on the first day of the first lunar month and end on the 15th with the Lantern Festival. Although young people are becoming more and more oriented towards the Western lifestyle, the old customs are maintained and adapted.

To leave behind the difficulties or problems of the old year, it is customary to clean the houses thoroughly, buy new clothes for the occasion and pay off old debts. The new year is welcomed with a family party and parades in the streets.

The best gifts for friends, family and co-workers are tangerines and oranges: The word "luck" in Chinese sounds similar to "mandarina" and the word "well-being" sounds like "orange". Because of this play on words, tangerines and oranges are associated with good luck, happiness and prosperity. In addition, the color of these citrus fruits resembles that of gold and therefore symbolizes an abundance of happiness and wealth.

So store windows, offices and homes are decorated with oranges and tangerines. Many families place miniature orange trees at the entrance, always two because the number two is also a symbol of luck and thus happiness and prosperity are doubled.

The tangerines are not only given as a gift at the Spring Festival, they also bring luck to those who open a new house and are a frequent gift at weddings for the bride and groom's good fortune. Remember: Always an even number symbolizes harmony and balance!

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