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Cultivo de Naranja valenciana respetuoso con el medio ambiente

Environmentally friendly Valencian Orange cultivation

We are often asked how we control weeds. We have already said that we don't like chemicals, we try to do it manually whenever possible. Once or twice a year we pass a tractor with a shredder and also, when the amount of weeds is very high, we manually finish the job. We are inspired by IVIA (Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Agrarias) manuals like this one.

Of course, this requires much more effort, but it is worth it!

On this occasion, a crew is in charge of removing the weeds that had already become too leafy, affecting the spread of pests and even, if we let it continue to grow, the quality of the fruit.

The normal practice in other crops is to use very powerful herbicides. We do not want to use chemicals so we do it manually in this case. It took us 3 days of work to clean the orchard.

The tools we used were the most traditional ones, the hoe and human power. The uprooted grass was left to serve as compost as soon as it decomposes. It is not a compost like the one in this article, but it is useful. Better a little natural than none at all.

This type of cultivation is much more costly but more natural. That is why our orange is the most delicious! Artisan orange 100% natural direct to home.

We show you how it was done and how the streets turned out.

IMG_5462_opt IMG_5464_opt

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