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CitrusRicus Gift Card.

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25,00 €
25,00 € - 100,00 €
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Want to buy something for someone, but don't know what? Want to give the gift of a fresh and delicious experience? Discover why a CitrusRicus Gift Card to buy Valencian citrus directly from the farmer is the perfect choice.

It's a unique and flavorful gift idea. With the CitrusRicus Gift Card your loved one will be able to enjoy fresh and delicious Valencian citrus fruits directly from the farmer of their choice.

Why buy a CitrusRicus Gift Card?

When you buy a gift card so that your friend can choose which of our products they want, you are ensuring a gift of unparalleled quality and freshness. We grow our fruits following traditional and environmentally friendly methods.

Upon receiving your CitrusRicus Gift Card, your friend will be able to choose:

  • the sweetest and tastiest citrus fruits, picked at just the right time and shipped directly to your door;
  • the freshest fruits and vegetables grown in the Valencian orchard; and,
  • the handmade products (oil, dressing, honey...) that you like the most.

Each product has its own personality and unique characteristics, which will allow your friend to enjoy different flavors and experiences as he wants.

It's an incomparable gastronomic experience!

Support local farmers and sustainable production.

By giving a CitrusRicus Gift Card, you are supporting local farmers and encouraging sustainable trade. These people dedicate their lives to growing and producing with passion and respect for nature. By choosing this option, you are helping to keep the local agricultural tradition alive and to reduce the chain of intermediaries and promote a direct relationship between the producer and the consumer.

CitrusRicus Gift Card: a unique and personalized experience

A gift card is not just a gift, but a unique and personalized experience. Your friend will have the freedom to choose the products he likes the most. In addition, he or she will be able to experience the pleasure of tasting fresh and authentic fruits and artisan products made with dedication and love. It is a way to give the gift of moments of joy and well-being through the palate.

Guillermo's guarantee:

I think it happens to all of us sometime that we have to make a gift and we don't know what to buy. Sometimes we even have an idea, but we can't decide on a specific gift. That is the main reason why we created the CitrusRicus Gift Card.

Personally, I have always believed that when you give a gift you should think about what the person you are giving the gift wants or needs, but we can't always know. With a gift card we make sure that our friend will get exactly what he likes, because he will be able to choose himself.

And every time he takes a bite, he will think that, finally, someone has given him the best gift in the world.