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Fresh Valencian Oranges

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Buy fresh Valencian oranges and enjoy the incredible taste of oranges straight from the tree.

An explosion of flavors like you've never experienced before. Buy fresh Valencian oranges, tasty, sweet, with lots of juice and firm flesh. A unique experience, a revelation! If you like the oranges you've tasted so far, imagine how much you'll like these!

Buy our exquisite fresh Valencian oranges, straight from the tree and without any chemical treatment after being picked. You have never tasted such a delicious orange. An incomparable flavor. It is the taste of a lifetime that we have already forgotten due to the industrialization process of food. A fresh, natural orange with a very natural flavor that had been lost and now we bring it back to you.

They are very sweet Valencian oranges, with a lot of juice, easy to peel and with firm flesh.

They are ideal oranges for both table and juice. They are ideal for dessert in either of the two alternatives. Our oranges have a lot of juice, sometimes you can fill a glass with just one, but we can not guarantee that all of them are like this because they are natural processes, not industrial and some years have more juice and others less.

How can I show you that they are very tasty fresh Valencian oranges and that everybody likes them?

We all know children who do not eat fruit or vegetables. Do you know why? Because it is not good, it is not tasty. With my oranges and tangerines, the children and the rest of the family enjoy eating fruit and eat more and more. You can tell they are at their optimum point of ripeness, sugar and vitamins. In my house there are always oranges and tangerines in season and we do not stop eating them.

The growing area is Burriana (Castellón) and Valencia. Ideal area for its climate and geography, close to the sea and the mountains.

The flavor is spectacular!

Do you know why the fresh Valencian orange variety we sell is called Navel?

It is because the fruit has a kind of navel at the base, which in English is called "navel" and occurs because in the ripening process generates a second fruit, included in the main one but does not develop and causes a bulge that looks like a navel.

What size orange is best for me?

  • 5kgs and 10kgs are the ideal size for trial or for small families who want to enjoy great quality fruit.

  • 15kgs is the ideal size for families of 3 or 4 members who juice some mornings and have flavored fruit.

  • 20kgs is the size for the zumeros, the orange fanatics like us. It is the best price per kilo

How do I keep Valencian oranges?

It is best to store them in a cool, dry place. Away from humidity so that they do not grow fungus (for that reason they are not harvested when it rains or when they are wet). Never next to a radiator or that they get wet or freeze.

If you want to store them in the refrigerator, they will last a long, long time. To give you an idea, in my family when the orange season is over we always keep many kilos in a reserve fridge to be able to make juice throughout the summer. The problem is that we drink a lot of juice but they last a long time as they are fresh from the tree!

Guillermo's Guarantee

They are so good that we offer a guarantee that if you buy fresh Valencian oranges and you don't like them, you don't pay for them. It is a very expensive guarantee for us, with a lot of risk so we have to be very sure of our quality. They are so delicious that nobody exercises this guarantee. Sometimes we have problems with the delivery and, of course, we take care of the mistakes and problems that are attributable to us.

The only thing is that you have to tell us quickly, ideally within 24 hours of delivery by the carrier, not after a long time has passed.

With this guarantee, are you really not going to dare to try them?

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Heike Schumann
Danke für diese super Lieferung

Ich bin seit Jahren eine begeisterte Kundin. Mit erntefrischen Früchten bin ich im Winter bestens versorgt.
Danke an alle Mitarbeiter.

Marian Talero

Exquisitas naranjas y un servicio de 10

Oliver M.R.
Gute Ware guter Service

Seit einigen Jahren bestelle ich bei Citrus Ricus und bin immer froh über die frischen Früchte und die hilfsbereite Kommunikation.
Die Lieferung kam wieder schnell los, nur der Versand mit GLS in Deutschland war etwas lahm und kommt manchmal nicht zu den angekündigten Zeiten an.

Claudia Riebel
Alles perfekt

Wir lieben Eure Orangen! Alles klappt immer perfekt!

Ralf Mollik
Großartige Orangen

Sehr schöne und sehr schmackhafte Orangen - wie immer :)

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