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Mustard & Basil Oil Dressing

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Explore the extraordinary experience of our Mustard and Basil Oil dressing.

This gourmet condiment is an explosion of flavors designed to captivate those who enjoy good food and have an adventurous palate. With just a touch of our Mustard & Basil Oil Dressing, your dishes will become masterpieces bursting with flavor.

This dressing not only stands out for its exquisite taste, but also for its exceptional quality. With a unique combination of carefully selected ingredients, our dressing elevates the flavor of meats, poultry, fish and vegetables, as well as enhances the creation of delicious sauces.

Production handcrafted rub production

Each bottle of our dressing is the result of a careful artisanal process. We use high quality ingredients, mainly grown in our region. This process guarantees a dressing with vibrant colors, intense aromas and smooth textures, providing innovative flavors of exceptional quality.

Our recipe, conceived by a skilled Valencian chef, stands out for the freshness and authenticity of its components. From mustard and olive oil to basil and selected spices, each element fuses together to create a unique dining experience.

Why choose our Mustard and Basil Oil dressing?

For all cooks who love to innovate, this dressing is like the superpower of the kitchen. You can use it raw on salads, meats, fish, vegetables, cheese, rice, pasta, etc. But the story doesn't end here, you can also cook it and in a few minutes you will have the most exquisite sauce you have ever tasted.

This dressing is like the Swiss Army knife of the kitchen. Have you ever tried a pasta salad with this dressing? Infallible! And on baked chicken? A spectacle. Grilled fish, grilled meats, burgers, hot dogs? Everything is more interesting with this dressing!

Oh, and best of all, it's healthy. No preservatives and colorings added. The freshness of this mustard dressing with basil oil will really surprise you. Dare to give a different touch to your dishes and discover the magic of fresh and natural flavors!

Guillermo's Guarantee:

Like all the products I offer, this one I have also tested.

To prepare my favorite combination, at the moment, you just need to marinate some chicken breasts in this rub for a while and then grill them. Serve with a fresh salad and, voila, you have a dish that makes you feel like the king of the kitchen.

Seriously, this dressing has won my heart (and my stomach). Try this recipe and you'll see what I'm talking about - it's like a feast for your taste buds!