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Soñar con mandarinas

Dreaming of tangerines

Our mandarins are a dream come true - delicious, intensely scented, sweet and delicate, healthy, full of vitamins and minerals... but have you ever had a nighttime dream about mandarins? In this article we explain the meaning.

Photo by Pierre Beteille

What does it mean to dream of tangerines?

Tangerines, in general, symbolize prosperity, good luck and happiness. So if these delicious fruits appear in your dreams - whole or in the form of juice - it is usually very positive. A dream with tangerines expresses the desire and the possibility of progress and prosperity. If you dream of an orange tree full of ripe fruit, you will soon enjoy the desired success.

Tangerines are also associated with emotional relationships and love. If they appear in your dream, they indicate that you are living a happy and strong love relationship, with the desire for emotional stability, important future plans and projects that strengthen the relationship. Love, passion, marriage and a happy family await you.

A dream in which you eat tangerines, means the beginning of new interesting projects and good performance, as well as positive changes that arise with new ideas and that with the necessary effort will come to fruition. On an emotional level, it is interpreted with the desire to begin a new stage in which happiness dominates.

If at some point you have dreamed of a damaged tangerine or one that begins to spoil, it is interpreted with relationship problems and possible separations. A dream in which sour or bitter tangerines appear, foretells failure or illness. Also to dream of spilled tangerine juice symbolizes problems in general or health problems.

You know... if at any time you dream of tangerines like ours, fresh, juicy, delicious... you will have a happy and prosperous life!

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