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Buying produce directly from the producer offers you many advantages such as unbeatable quality, support for local agriculture, respect for nature and the environment, etc. Here are some reasons why you should buy fruit directly from the farmer.

Directly from the producer

Know the origin of the food

It is important to know where food comes from and how it is grown. Food is fundamental to our health and, therefore, we need to consume high quality products which can only be guaranteed by knowing the origin of the product. The farmer can inform you about the type of cultivation, the varieties, the care and practices used, etc.

Naranjo en Valencia

Freshest products with an extraordinary flavor

In our case we harvest the fruit at the optimum moment of ripeness, the same day we send it to your home, you will receive it within 1 to 4 days (depending on the location). Fresh fruits have an exquisite taste and offer the best nutritional contribution, they give you quality of life. The cultivation process is environmentally friendly and this is not only noticeable in the final result but also in the environment.

Seasonal products

Consuming seasonal foods is always highly recommended, they are more economical since costs are reduced and prices are more competitive. Fruits will be able to grow in the region without the need of greenhouses or other techniques and therefore, they will taste better. In addition, since they are not imported from distant countries, they do not lose their healthy properties along the way. Seasonal products respect the natural cycle and the environment.


It is beneficial for the local economy and sustainable development.

Today the vast majority of products that are distributed are controlled by very few companies that not only determine prices but also what and how they are produced. Especially with food products of rural origin there is more and more speculation and this situation harms not only the producer but also the consumer. With your purchase you support the sustainable development of the locality. Farmers provide work for many families and help to maintain the productive diversity of the area.

Soon the orange season will start, try ours, the taste is so delicious that you won't want any other!

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