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Naranjas para la salud de los huesos y dientes

Oranges for bone and teeth health

The oranges not only taste delicious, they are also very healthy, we already know that. In different articles we have seen the many benefits they can bring us, such as prevention of breast and ovarian cancer, kidney cysts, against bronchitis, etc. But did you know that they also help to keep bones and teeth strong?

Bones are made up of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and fluoride. The oranges contain all four (although fluoride in small amounts), all of which are very important for keeping bone structures and teeth strong and healthy.

Magnesium (about 15.20 mg in 100 g of orange) is a very important mineral for the density and stability of bones and teeth. The effects of this mineral are often underestimated. But there are different studies that show that magnesium is just as important as calcium for bones.

As we know, oranges also contain a lot of vitamin C (about 50.60 mg in 100 g). This vitamin is involved in the formation of cartilage, tendons, bones and teeth: It favors the correct formation of osteoid material and the function of oesteoblasts. In addition, vitamin C facilitates the absorption of calcium in the intestines. A vitamin C deficiency can cause various symptoms such as swelling and bleeding of the gums and, in severe cases, can lead to tooth loss.

Oranges are also the citrus fruit richest in calcium (about 41 mg in 100 g) and also provide phosphorus (about 20 mg in 100 g), another important mineral for bone formation. The consumption of oranges stimulates bone formation, protecting bones and teeth, and also helps prevent the onset of osteoporosis.

Yet another reason why we recommend eating lots of oranges!

The flavor of our oranges is extraordinary, they are harvested at the optimum point of ripeness and, therefore, contain all the vitamins and minerals necessary to keep you healthy.


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