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Los domingos desayuno con naranjas y... JULIO RODRIGUEZ

On Sundays I have breakfast with oranges and... JULIO RODRIGUEZ

Every Sunday we recommend you a good breakfast with our delicious delicious oranges and we present you a POET, WRITER, PAINTER...


Every time you wake up

I should squeeze oranges every time you get up

I should shout your name at every step,

tie me to your back when you start your flight,

I should gird my eyelashes to the trembling of your eyelids;

I should live with your nails dangling from my fingers,

with your eyes each kept in a pocket,

with your tongue in my mouth, your feet in my shoes,

your heart trembling in the middle of my chest.

I should mold my pillow to your dreams,

celebrate your descents as if they were holidays,

trace with a light on the wall the letters of your name.

I should thank God for every slight

agreement of your touch; I should

tear the hard bread, knead your dilemmas,

resolve to be happy every time you return home.

Just seeing you near, I should abdicate sadness.

And, instead, it gives me, as you well know,

to correct your flight or break your wings.

I should let you leave me alone and fly away

with someone to squeeze, at the foot of your bed,

oranges every time you get up.


(Spanish writer of poetry and novels)

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