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¿Los cítricos protegen del cáncer de pecho?

Do citrus fruits protect against breast cancer?

There are numerous studies on the benefits of citrus fruits. Since 1989, substances called limonoids, responsible for the bitter taste of citrus fruits, have been investigated for their anticarcinogenic effects.

In an American study published in PubMed, it has been shown that limonoids (substances present in lemons as well as in other citrus fruits) prevent breast cancer cell growth. In addition, one of them in particular (glycoside limonin) has the ability to induce programmed cell death in cancer cells. For this study, the seeds of lemons were used to extract limonoids. The results confirm what has already been demonstrated in previous studies: The consumptionof oranges, tangerines and lemons can reduce the risk of breast cancer.

But that's not all, limonoids were also found to be very effective in the fight against other types of cancer. The results of a European control study are convincing: 100 ml of citrus juice reduces throat cancer by 58%, pharyngeal cancer by 53%, stomach cancer by 31% and colorectal cancer by 18%.

For prevention against breast cancer, a minimum daily amount of 100 ml of juice or fruit is recommended.

The best source of limonoids is the orange which contains about 300 mg per liter of juice. The peels and pulp, however, contain up to 500 mg per kilogram. It is important to eat the whole fruit to benefit from its wonderful properties. Also the inner white peel contains a good amount of limonoids and other very healthy substances. So when you eat citrus fruits, try to eat also that little white layer that we usually cut because it is usually slightly bitter.

Do not hesitate, oranges and tangerines are a natural treasure for our health. Try ours, they are delicious and as they are not chemically treated, you can also enjoy the benefits of the peels!


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