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¿Cómo reconocer el grado óptimo maduración de las mandarinas?

How to recognize the optimum degree of ripeness of mandarins?

Thanks to their sweet and delicate flavor and their numerous health benefits, tangerines tangerines are highly appreciated and popular: they are delicious, juicy and easy to take anywhere. Perfect for sweet and savory dishes, jams, juices or smoothies, but how can you recognize the optimum ripeness of these citrus fruits?

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In any case, here are some guidelines so you can easily identify the best mandarins.

  • It is important to buy them in season, between October and March depending on the variety. That way they are juicy and sweet.
  • On the tree, mandarins that hang down are sweeter and juicier. When buying them you should choose those fruits that have more weight in relation to their size, as the weight indicates whether they contain more or less juice.
  • Mandarins that have a small navel (where the leaves are removed) are sweeter. Another indicator for sweetness is freckles: the smaller the freckles, the sweeter the fruit.
  • You can check the quality in the texture of the peel: the best fruits have soft skin, without blemishes, cuts, bruises or wrinkles and well attached to the fruit.
  • Look at the aroma! The sweeter and more intense the smell, the riper the tangerine.
  • If not bought fresh, mandarins deteriorate much faster.

At this article we inform you about the best way to preserve citrus fruits, once purchased.


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