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Clemenules: las mejores mandarinas

Clemenules: the best mandarins

Sweet and juicy, with an intense aroma, a delicious flavor and a striking orange color - the variety clemenules is the queen of mandarins, several Spanish researchers confirmed in a comparative study of different mandarin varieties, published in the journal Food Science and Technology International. Food Science and Technology International.

The aim of this study, carried out by researchers from the Catholic University of San Antonio in Murcia and the Miguel Hernández University in Alicante, was to determine the Spanish mandarin varieties most suitable for juice production. The result: the clemenules mandarin.

Clemenules mandarins stand out for their vitamin C content, intense aroma and striking orange color. They are the result of a spontaneous mutation from the fine clementine that was first detected in Nules, Castellón de la plana, in 1953, hence its name (clemen = clementine, nules = from Nules). It is also known as Nulesina, Clementina Reina and Clementina Victoria .

Approximately 70% of the production of mandarins in the province of Castellón are clemenules. The beginning of harvesting begins in mid-November, the season ends in mid-December, the fruit is somewhat flattened, medium size, weighs about 80 - 100 g, the skin is thin and easy to peel.

It is ideal for desserts or children's snack, very pleasant taste, the juice is extraordinary.

Without any doubt, the clemenules are the best mandarins of Valencia and the Mediterranean.

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