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5 Consejos para que los niños coman fruta

5 Tips for children to eat fruit

What can I do if my child does not want to eat fruit? Many parents ask themselves this question because we all know how important the nutrients in fruits are for our health. Different studies have shown that a high consumption of fruits and vegetables is directly related to a low incidence of diseases. Not only do they provide us with vitamins, minerals, trace elements and fiber, they also contain other important substances such as bioflavonoids.

We have already talked about the health benefits of orange and its peel. Given the importance, we also gave some tips on how to get children to eat fruit in a previous article. previous article.

Today we present you more proposals so that your children learn to eat fruit with enthusiasm and enjoy its healthy properties.

1. Set an example and provide them with information

If parents give importance to healthy and varied food and their children see that they eat fruit every day and enjoy it, the children, sooner or later, will do the same. We are the mirror where they look at themselves. It is not necessary that they eat fruit after eating, maybe they feel like snacking a little between meals. Prepare them an appetizing plate with different fruits in small portions so they can take what they want. Another option is to prepare some tasty fruit skewers. With creativity and imagination you will surely get your children to eat fruits with pleasure.

Do not force them to eat fruit, allow your children to discover the different flavors on their own. Explain to them the properties according to the color of the fruit. If they know the benefits, they will eat fruit more willingly.

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2. Find out what they like

Take your child shopping so he can choose the fruit he likes the most. Maybe he will find some that he has never tried before. At home, ask him how he wants to prepare the fruit and do it together. If he likes chocolate, you can make a fruit fondue , for example. You can also teach him how to make smoothies or smoothies trying different combinations of fruits.

Fruit Fondue Recipe

The preparation of this recipe is very simple, your children can help you, they will like it.


  • Different fruits (banana, kiwi, orangestrawberries, tangerinesetc.)
  • 100 g milk chocolate
  • 100 g dark chocolate
  • 150 ml semi-skimmed milk

If you have an electric or candle fondue pot, you can prepare the chocolate cream directly in that pot. You can also simply use a casserole dish. Another very original way is to use a melon carcass, on the website of unComo explains how to do it.

Heat the milk in the fondue pot or in a casserole and then add the chocolate pieces, stirring until they melt. The chocolate cream is now ready.

Cut the fruit into cubes so that they can be easily pierced with a wooden stick. Another option is to use molds (cookie cutters are useful) to cut the fruit into fun shapes.

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Natural orange jelly

Here is another delicious recipe that your kids will surely love: Natural orange jelly.

Strawberries with chocolate

Why don't you prepare together some delicious strawberries or other fruits with chocolate?

Here are some ideas , start being creative and enjoy cooking with your child!


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3. Go to the fountain

Another option is to go to the fountain and show your child where and how fruits grow. If you have a garden, buy him a fruit tree of his choice so that he can take care of it and watch with amazement the first fruit that grows thanks to his care; fruits obtained by his own effort always taste better!!!! You can teach him to make jams or other preserves with the fruits of your tree. He will proudly tell his grandparents or friends that he has made a jam with the fruits of the tree he has cared for all year long.

4. Eating is fun

Prepare fun and different dishes. When fruits become animals and entertaining objects, your child will probably want to eat them more. Here are some examples:


Don't miss our article on. Mikamuki or the Japanese art of peeling tangerines.. Your children may enjoy peeling a tangerine or an orange in such a way that the peel comes to life in the form of an animal that becomes the protagonist of a fascinating story.

5. The magic fruit

Maybe you don't want to eat a simple orange, but you do want to eat a magical fruit or a fruit with superpowers. Children have a lot of fantasy and with a funny story or a tale in which fruits play a main role, it may awaken the children's interest.

Here are some stories with fruits, although if you have a little imagination it is better to invent a special story for your child.

These dishes could accompany the magical moment of the story, the best thing is that it becomes a habit... after dinner story and magical fruits.

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Let's enjoy the rich fruits from our orchards as a family! We hope this article will help you help your children learn to eat fruits every day. As we mentioned in our previous article, the quality of the fruit is also fundamental, try our oranges, your children will surely ask for more!!!!

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