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¡Por fin una receta mermelada de naranjas dulce!

Finally a sweet orange marmalade recipe!

What to do when you have oranges and you don't want to make juice? You have already cooked all the recipes you know with orange: you have prepared a Valencian orange salad, you have made an exquisite orange sponge cake and you have even cooked orange bread that we recommend.

Well, I have an idea: How about a homemade natural Valencian orange marmalade?

For that, I looked for some recipes on the internet and found a great recipe on the blog I love this food blog. They always have very cool ideas and put some images that make your mouth water. I recommend you to visit it (of course, if you use citrus fruits in the recipe: let them be ours, they are the best in the world!!!).

To prepare 500g of homemade sweet orange marmalade you need:

  • 1,1kg of good quality oranges (like ours)Ingredientes Mermelada de Naranjas dulces
  • 500g of white sugar
  • 550g water
  • the peel of ½ lemon (without the white, which is bitter)
  • more water
  • a few jars with lids, freshly leavened

First we wash the fruits and peel the oranges and the half lemon to remove the peel (without the white, I insist, which is bitter). We do not throw away the peel but cut it into strips.

Cáscara de Naranjas Valencianas

In the meantime we boil water (about 750ml) and add the peel strips and let them cook for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes we eliminate the water by pouring the water and the skins in a strainer. To completely eliminate the bitterness, put the water back in the pot and cook the peels for another 1 minute.

Now remove as much of the white as possible from the segments. If you do it on a plate you do not lose any juice.

We continue:
"We weigh the sugar. Now we put to boil the water that we have indicated in the ingredients. We will add all that we have reserved, the segments, the julienned peelings and the sugar and we will let it cook over medium heat for 1 hour and a half. Stir every 15 minutes, especially at the end. Here after 30 minutes, over very low heat, see how the liquid is reducing. If you see little liquid in the casserole after this time, add some extra orange juice...".

You can see the next steps here.

Naranjas Frescas + Azúcar

Mermelada de Naranjas

Mermelada de Naranjas

Receta Mermelada de Naranjas

I hope you like this sweet orange marmalade recipe and I want to thank again Carlos Dube and the blog Calabajío Market for providing us with the recipe phenomenally.

If you like this recipe and want to learn more about oranges or other citrus fruits, please sign up for our blog (top right). If you want to use the best Valencian oranges in your recipes, visit our website and to stay up to date and participate in our community, follow us on facebook.



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