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Como conseguir que los niños coman fruta

How to get children to eat fruit

Many families have a big problem getting their children to eat fruit. Fortunately, in mine that doesn't happen. I am very fortunate that my children eat a lot of fruit, less vegetables, but they devour fruit.

I think the key to getting them to eat fruit is a no-brainer: the fruit has to be good. Without good produce, no one eats it. I mean, not the child, not me. None of us like bad or tasteless food.

I know you are going to say that it is very easy to say that when you are a farmer and that what I do is to sell my product. Well no, I defend all good and quality fruit and vegetables, which is very difficult to achieve in the current distribution, focused on price and physical appearance, not quality.

I will not go into the obvious, that fruit and vegetables are basic for the exclusive vitamins that are obtained with their intake, fiber, low caloric intake, etc., etc.. I think this is a truth already assumed. I believe that in order for children to eat fruit there are several keys:

  1. Quality produce: Without good product, everything is more difficult since you have to disguise the reality, be it with sugar, honey, etc.
  2. Example of parents: If you don't eat fruit and vegetables, do you really expect them to?
  3. Make it visually appealing: the colors of fresh fruit are spectacularly beautiful, with just a little decoration, it looks great. I have attached below several examples of how to do it. In the one where I found the original author, he is quoted. In the others, I have not been able to find the author, but I have found several replicas, so I am not quoting the original. A pity!
  4. Not to be too heavy: We must insist but everything in life has a limit. Children want, without exception, to please their parents but when the thing is traumatic, there is a rejection that, in addition, will damage your relationship. As always, do things calmly and little by little.
  5. Let them help: If children help, they are much more involved and like the result. Both in the choice of fruit (of course, first our exquisite oranges, eh!) and in its preparation, they can help you to cut pieces, peel it, etc.
  6. Juices: an alternative and effective way to get them to drink fruit. Obviously, natural juices, not that crap from the supermarket shelves.

I believe that by doing this and starting, I insist, with a good product, you can get children to eat more fruit. Without a good product, everything is more difficult. Much more difficult.

As a promise is a promise, I detail several things that I have found and that have made me a lot of fun to decorate the fruit. There are two that are obvious so I don't detail how to do it, but the shark one requires more work, so I detail it below.

If you are like me and have rather little artistic grace, you can always do the little boat, it is basic level. 🙂



Palmeras2 Palmeras



*Cut a third of the watermelon so that it sits as if it were a shark emerging from the depths of the sea.

*Use a strong spoon to scoop out the watermelon.

*Cut out the shark's teeth with a sharp knife.

*Make a hole in the rind for the eye (it can be a black olive).

*With a piece of leftover shell make the dorsal fin.

*Fill the mouth with pieces of pulp.


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