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Mixed Crate, Fresh Valencian Oranges and Tangerines

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Do you want it all? We've got it all. Natural oranges and tangerines without post-harvesting treatment. Directly from the tree to your table. You've never tried something alike. Since the oranges don't undergo post-harvesting treatments and come directly from the tree, their flavour is without parallel. The lifetime flavour that we've already forgot.

3 different combo boxes so we can meet your needs:

  • 10kgs: 5kgs of oranges + 5kgs of Tangerines
  • 15kgs: 10kgs of oranges + 5kgs of Tangerines
  • 20kgs: 10kgs of oranges + 10kgs of Tangerines

Children and their families enjoy eating our fruits and want to eat even more. It's clear that its amount of sugar, vitamins and ripeness are perfectly combined.

Oranges that keep all their properties, without chemical treaments for ripening, colouring or adding preservatives.

This box is perfect for small families that enjoy all types of fresh and healthy fruit.

The "navelina" got its name from the English word “navel”, "ombligo" in Spanish. It's called that way because its flower produces a second fruit inside the main one giving the fruit a navel appearance. It's very sweet and easy to peel.

Our tangerines are the best ones since we chose the sweetest variety. With perfect shape and medium size, their skin is even and thin and therefore easy to peel. Their great quality pulp makes them really juicy.

Our producing area is Burriana (Castellon). The best region thanks to its climate and geography, close to the sea and the mountains. Its flavour is amazing!