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Compra mandarinas online cultivadas en Valencia respetando el medio ambiente. Mandarinas cogidas una a una, en su momento ideal de madurez. Te las enviamos directas del árbol a tu mesa en sólo 24 horas (4/5 días resto UE). Sin tratamiento químico.

Los niños adoran nuestras mandarinas por su comodidad de pelar, no tienen semillas y son extraordinariamente dulces. Excelentes como postre o almuerzo.

30,00 €
SKU Mandarina Fresca Valenciana119


Natural tangerines without post-harvesting treatment. Directly from the tree to your table. You've never tried something alike. Since the tangerines don't undergo post-harvesting treatments and come directly from the tree, their flavour is without parallel. The lifetime flavour that we've already forgot.

They keep all their properties, without chemical treaments for ripening, colouring or preservatives. Tangerines delivered to your home with the perfect cobination of ripeness, sweetness and vitamins.

Children and their families enjoy eating our fruits and start to eat even more. They are really sweet and perfect as dessert, afternoon snack or for preparing fresh juice.

Our tangerines are the best ones since they're the sweetest variety. With perfect shape and medium size, their skin is even and thin and they're easy to peel. Their great quality pulp makes them really juicy.

Our 10kg crate is perfect to try our fruits. However, we're sure that once you try them, you will order bigger and with that, more economic crates.

Varieties: Clemenules, Clemenvilla or Hernandina (depending on the season.)

Our producing area is Burriana (Castellon). The best area thanks to its climate and geography, close to the sea and the mountain. Its flavour is amazing!