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Fruits and vegetables

Eating delicious fruits and vegetables is one of life's pleasures. Whether as a side dish, as a main ingredient or any other time of the day. All these products direct from the farmer fly from our online store. It's a wonderful variety of natural, fresh and tasty fruit and vegetable flavors.

From mouth-watering oranges, lemons, tangerines and kiwis full of flavor, to avocados that are a real treat and artichokes that are a total delight, our variety will surprise and delight you! And best of all, all these products come from our own garden or from our neighbors' small gardens, so we guarantee absolute freshness!

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    Valencian Kiwi.

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    If you like to enjoy delicious fruits and you are looking for a fresh alternative full of benefits for your body, you can't miss the Valencian Kiwi...

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Citrus, fruits and vegetables

Discover the best in citrus fruits and vegetables in our online store! We present a selection of the best-selling products in this category, where you will find a wide variety of fresh and delicious options.

We have carefully selected the citrus fruits and vegetables on this list to bring you the best of nature. From juicy oranges, lemons, tangerines or kiwis to tasty avocados or artichokes, our variety will surprise and delight you. In fact, all of them are products from our orchard or from small neighboring orchards.

Citrus fruits are known for their flavor and high vitamin C content. You will find a wide range of choices, from classic oranges to lemons and tangerines full of freshness. Therefore, these fruits are ideal to enjoy on their own or to prepare fresh juices. They can also be used to add a citrus touch to your favorite dishes, from salads to desserts.

For a balanced and healthy diet, we must not forget vegetables. Both avocados at their perfect ripeness and fresh, crunchy artichokes are perfect for preparing salads and main dishes full of nutrients.

We consume all the products we offer and can assure you that the quality and taste of our citrus fruits and vegetables are exceptional..

Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy the best-selling citrus fruits and vegetables in our store. Discover the freshness and quality of our selection, and enjoy the authentic taste of nature in every bite.

Order today and start enjoying a healthy and flavorful diet!