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Top sales.

Discover the most popular products among our customers.

Sometimes, choosing the item that suits us best can be a challenge. Seeing what other customers have chosen before us can help us make our decision. So, here, we present you our top sellers, the most popular products that have won the hearts of our customers.

All the products we offer have been tested and our friends, so we are sure of their quality. In addition, in each product you will find a small section called "Guillermo's Guarantee". In it I will tell you a little more in detail my personal experience with that product.

List of most popular products.

Below, you will find a list of the 'Top Sales' items we offer, carefully cultivated in the Valencian fields or produced by small farms like ours.

These most popular products can be grouped into the following categories:

  1. Sponsor a treeIf you are a big consumer of citrus fruits (oranges, tangerines, lemons) we recommend you to sponsor a tree in any of our options. This way you will have a large quantity of fruit at a very good price. Possibly, the most outstanding among the most popular products.
  2. Citrus and various fruitsIn case you still don't know what your citrus consumption is during the year or you want to try, you can buy smaller quantities of citrus fruits. We also have other fruits and vegetables for you, both from our orchard and from neighboring orchards.
  3. Gourmet productsIn addition, we offer you other products such as honey, dressings, oil, etc. from other local producers so that you can taste what other small farms like ours do.

In short, these are just a few examples of the most popular products in our store. With our careful selection, you can be sure that you are getting quality items that meet your expectations.

Don't wait any longer and explore our store to discover our amazing products!

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