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Compra naranja online. Cultivadas en Valencia respetando el medio ambiente y de la forma más natural posible. Naranja directa del árbol a tu mesa en sólo 24 horas (4/5 días resto UE). Sin tratamiento químico posterior de maduración, coloración, ni conservación. Recolectadas a mano en su punto óptimo de madurez, azúcar y vitaminas.

Sabor exquisito y natural. Redescubre el sabor de la fruta fresca

28,00 €
SKU Naranja Fresca Valenciana121


Natural oranges without any post-harvesting treatment. They are coming directly from the tree to your home. We send our crates the same day the oranges have been harvested. Not been chemically and recently harvested, their flavor is without comparison. It's the original taste of oranges which got lost a long time ago.

With this high quality oranges even your children will like to eat healthy fruit.

The crate of 10kg is ideal to try our oranges. Without doubts you will adore them and even order bigger and more economic crates.

The Navelina got its name from the English word "navel" because in the main fruit grows a second underdeveloped one which looks like a navel from the outside.

Navelina oranges are very sweet, easy to peel and contain a lot of juice.

We cultivate our oranges in Burriana (Castellón) which is the ideal region because of its geographical position near the sea and mountains.

Try our fresh and natural Valencian oranges now!