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Juicy, tasty lemons

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Try our amazing natural lemons, straight from the tree and without any chemical treatment after being picked. The true flavor of the lemon at its right point of acidity.

It is increasingly difficult to find the authentic citrus flavor: now you can rediscover that flavor thanks to our lemons and oranges.

This lemon has an incredible flavor and it is very refreshing. I love it and I notice more and more the quality of this fruit. It has nothing to do with what you usually eat.

The lemon is ideal to purify excesses or to give a point of flavor different from the food. Add it to sauces, dressings or cooking and give a touch of extra flavor, different.

The cultivation area is Burriana (Castellón) and Valencia. It is an ideal area for its climate and geography, near the sea and the mountain.

The taste is spectacular!

What size suits me?

.- 1 and 3kgs are the ideal size for testing or for small families who want to enjoy great fruit quality.

.- 5kgs is for when you drink more lemon and make sauces or lemonade.

.- 10kgs or 15kgs is the size of the zumeros, the fans of the orange like us. It is the best price per kilo

Remember that if you buy a small size (1kg or 3kgs) you must complete your purchase up to a higher amount (€ 30) or buy any size orange or tangerine box to have no shipping costs.

How do I keep them?

It is best to keep them in a cool and dry place. Far away from humidity so that fungi do not grow (for that reason it is not collected when it rains or they are wet). Never, never put them close to a radiator or let them get wet or freezed.

If you want to keep them in the fridge, they will hold you up for a long, long time.

And what happens if I do not like them?

Our fruit is so good that we offer the guarantee that if you do not like them, you do not pay them. It is a very expensive guarantee for us, with a lot of risk so we have to be very sure of our quality.

If anything goes wrong and you do not like what has arrived or it has arrived with a broken box or with the fruit in poor conditions, first, reject the delivery, stating veru¡y clearly the reason why you reject it (ideally, even take a picture) and you have to tell us quickly, ideally within 24 hours after delivery by the carrier, what has happened not when it has passed long time. This way, we can send you a new box and claim the expenses to the courier. Otherwise, it is very difficult to find out exactly what has happened.

If you send us some photos you do us a favor because we can claim the carrier but do not worry, we trust your word, we only ask you because the one who does not believe us is the carrier!

With this guarantee, you really will not dare to try them?

Where are all the legal issues and the General Contract Conditions, etc?

All of our legal notices are at the bottom of the page. Here are the General Conditions of Contract, the Legal Notice, the Privacy Policy, the Impressum and other issues that may be relevant. In any case, before placing the order, we will ask you to read and agree to the General Contract Conditions.

We believe you can rest relaxed because we comply with Spanish and Community legislation. Anyway, something may have escaped us because we are a very small company and nobody is perfect. If there is something you do not find or do not understand, we will be happy to help (and correct it if we have made a mistake) if you send an e-mail to

Remember to complete your shopping cart with other things to avoid shipping (free shipping for amounts over € 30 or buying any box of oranges or tangerines).