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Christmas Gift Basket

Original price 95,00 € - Original price 95,00 €
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95,00 €
95,00 € - 95,00 €
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The best gift to thank the loyalty of a client or to show your appreciation to someone. made of exquisite fruit and some very special artisan products. No doubt you will succeed with this exclusive gift!

What is the composition of this basket?

The gift basket is made with the following products:

  • A pretty (and solid) wooden basket. With multiple uses after consuming the fruit, thus lengthening the memory of the gift made.
  • 8kgs of exquisite orange, sweet and tasty with lots of juice. uuhmmm, delicious!
  • 8kgs of our best tangerines. Very easy to peel and very sweet. You eat one and you can't stop!
  • 2kgs of lemons in its right point of acidity and with a lot of juice. Ideal for cooking, pastry or to spice up any liquor (a good gin and tonic for example).
  • Our homemade tangerin marmalade. Very tasty, one of the products that we sell the most.
  • Handmade orange soap.
  • Orange and cinnamon bath salt to enjoy a good bath and relax after a hard day.
  • A thank you note

As you can see, it is a great gift and very different than regular christmas gifts. Be remembered!

What advantages do I have by buying now?

This product starts with a strong price reduction and as the delivery date approaches we will raise its price. Right now it has almost a 30% discountb but it will end up without any discount.

The great help for us is that if you buy early we can better plan the handling of this basket (which takes a lot of work to avoid making any mistakes). We translate your help into a great discount for the early birds!

What happens if I don't like anything?

We test the products ourselves first and we have a very clear philosophy that if we do not like it, we do not sell it. Because of this, we offer the guarantee that if you do not like it, you do not pay for it. It is a very expensive guarantee for us, with a lot of risk so we have to be very sure of our quality.

The only thing is that you have to tell us quickly, ideally within 24 hours after delivery by the carrier, not when a lot of time has passed.

With this guarantee, you really will not dare to try them?

Where are all the legal issues and the General Contract Conditions, etc?

All of our legal notices are at the bottom of the page. Here are the General Conditions of Contract, the Legal Notice, the Privacy Policy, the Impressum and other issues that may be relevant. In any case, before placing the order, we will ask you to read and agree to the General Contract Conditions.

We believe that you can rest assured that we comply with Spanish and Community legislation. Anyway, anything may have escaped from our attention because we are a very small company and nobody is perfect. If there is something you do not find or do not understand, we will be glad to help (and amend it if we have made a mistake) if you send an e-mail to


We have a lot of problems with deliveries when the recipient's phone has not been provided. If you do not give us the phone, the delivery is greatly complicated and we do not feel responsible if it is delayed since we always notify of the need of the phone to ensure delivery. We will not use your phone to send you advertising, only for delivery.

If it is for a gift (the recipient of the fruit is not the buyer), let us know and after the purchase we will ask you to give us a separate email for the recipient, so that we can create a different account. Our computer system only works well if we have a possible address per tree, if not, we have delivery errors.