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Mixed Box of Orange, Tangerine and Lemon.

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If you love citrus flavors and are looking for a convenient and healthy way to enjoy fresh fruit, buying a Mixed Box of Orange, Tangerine and Lemon directly from the farmer is an excellent idea.

Perhaps, for you, because of the kind of life you have, sponsoring a tree gives you too much citrus. Here's a smaller option in terms of quantity, but just as big in terms of flavor.

Advantages of buying a Mixed Box of Orange, Tangerine and Lemon direct from the farmer.

I'm sure you're aware of how difficult it is to find fresh, high quality citrus in supermarkets. But we have the ideal solution: buy a mixed box directly from the farmer.

When you buy a Mixed Box of Orange, Tangerine and Lemon directly from the farmer, you enjoy several advantages:

  • Unparalleled freshness.These farmer-direct citrus fruits arrive in your hands with unparalleled freshness. They are harvested at optimum ripeness and shipped quickly from the field to your door.
  • Superior QualityWe take care to grow our products with dedication and using environmentally friendly methods. This translates into high quality, natural and healthy fruits.
  • Variety and versatility: Oranges, tangerines and lemons are versatile and can be enjoyed in multiple ways. From refreshing juices to salad dressings, marinades and delicious desserts.

Composition of the Orange, Tangerine and Lemon Mixed Box

This mixed box is composed of:

- 9 kilos of fresh Valencia oranges, navel variety. They are perfect for both juicing and eating.

- 4 kilos of Valencian mandarin oranges. The variety depends on the height of the season (clemenules, ortanique or hernandina). They are very sweet mandarins, exquisite and easy to peel.

- 2 kilos of fresh lemons with a lot of juice and the right acidity.

Guarantee Guillermo's guarantee.

When we created this Mixed Box of Orange, Mandarin and Lemon we had in mind households that are not big consumers, but love to enjoy all citrus fruits and always have them fresh. They are not sure if they will enjoy oranges, tangerines or lemons more because they like them all.

I, for example, love to make a juice with all three fruits mixed together. It has a unique and refreshing taste. Mixing acidity and sweetness creates the perfect balance for every palate.

But most of all, I love mixing this juice of the three citrus fruits with sliced strawberries. It makes a perfect dessert, or even a complete snack, for children and adults alike.

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Daria Sevic-Mueller
alles gut

Frutas muy ricas , el pedido funciona muy bien, somos contentos

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