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Los increíbles beneficios de las mandarinas

The incredible benefits of tangerines

The origin of mandarins is China and their name is due to their characteristic color. The Portuguese called "mandarim" (mandarin) to the bureaucrats of Imperial China, they were the ones in charge and only they were authorized to deal with outsiders. As the Chinese officials wore orange suits, when the Lusitanian traders got to know the fruit of the same color, they called it "mandarin orange", which is probably where the name we still use today comes from. Mandarins arrived in Spain in the 17th century, through Portuguese traders.



  • With four or five pieces a day, the basic needs of vitamin C are covered. Thus, this delicious fruit helps us to strengthen the immune system and protect us from colds and colds. It is especially recommended during pregnancy and lactation and for smokers. In addition, mandarins also contain folic acid and provitamin A in large quantities.
  • They have antioxidant effects, i.e. they help to delay cellular aging. Therefore, mandarins are very suitable for preventing degenerative diseases.
  • Like all citrus fruits, they are rich in fiber that improves digestive function, prevents constipation, obesity, colon cancer and cardiovascular diseases .
  • They also contain potassium which allows a correct development of cell metabolism and calcium which, as we all know, helps to strengthen bones and teeth.
  • Mandarins contain a flavonoid called nobiletin which, according to the results of a study by the University of Western Ontario (Canada), prevents the accumulation of fat and protects us from type 2 diabetes as well as arteriosclerosis. Nobiletin is found in high concentrations in the white rind of tangerines, so it is highly recommended to eat it even though it may have a bitter taste.


  • Tangerines contain more water than other citrus fruits and have very low sugar levels. Therefore it is very suitable for slimming diets.
  • Mandarin pulp also contains vitamin B, citric acid and carotene. It has bronchodilator and anti-inflammatory properties.

To enjoy all the benefits of tangerines, quality is essential. Try our rich fruits, fresh from the tree. The taste is incredible!

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